Online Molecular Genetics Lectures

This site has powerpoint files of the various lectures given by Andrew Pierce for students at the University of Kentucky.  They were created on a Macintosh.  I hope, but do not guarantee, that they work on other systems.

IBS 605: Experimental Genetics (Fall 2007)
1) Meiosis (two lectures) [PDF Handout Version]

MI 720:  Microbial Structure and Function (Fall 2007)
1) Bacterial Replication
2) Bacterial Recombination

MI 615:  Illustrated Topics in Advanced Molecular Genetics (Spring 2007)
0) preamble
1) Introduction, Genomic Low Copy Repeats
2) Asexual Organisms
3) Issues in Sexual Reproductive Fitness
4) Genomic Rescue  i) Biochemistry & ii) Genetics (two lectures)
5) Genomic Rescue  iii) Ramifications
6) Protein Splicing  i) inteins and exteins
7) Protein Splicing  ii) 'CHYSEL'

MI/MED/PHA 616:  Biology and Therapy of Cancer (Spring 2007)
1) Translocations
2) Methylation

TOX 680:  Molecular Mechanisms in Toxicology (Spring 2007)
1) Recombination Repair

TOX 780: (Fall 2004)
1) Single and Double-strand Break Repair  i) base excision and end-joining
2) Single and Double-strand Break Repair  ii) homologous recombination

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